Bois d'emballage, palette, coffrage : scierie Ampilhac, Auvergne, Haute-Loire

Packaging, palette, formwork

bois d'emballage direct scierie auvergneProfessionals, we propose you packaging, palette and formwork.

Flexibility and deadline that we have to offer are our best arguments to persuade you to work with us.

ISPM 15 treatment (export wood) high temperature in cell.

scierie bois de charpenteAll these dimensions and sections are available on park, all year long:

Boards fixed width quality packaging

- 27 x 100 - 27 x 150 from 3 to 8 m
- 63 x 75 from 3 to 5 m
- 75 x 100 from 3 to 6 m
- 18 x 100 from 2 to 4 m

We can supply packing wood and formwork timber in unbeatable times, thank you for contacting us.

scierie bois de coffrage

scierie bois d'emballage

bois de coffrage